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Luxury bracelets. Designed in switzerland.


 We are a young and unconventional Swiss jewelry company - specialized in exceptional stone bracelets for men. That's all we do. We are obsessed with the quality of our bracelets and how they can instantly upgrade your look. Our products are designed in Switzerland and inspired by Switzerland's tradition in luxury, design and watchmaking. Our RISTRETTO BRACELETS are made from exclusive gemstones which last for generations. We offer different models with different stones to match your personal taste, a particular outfit or a special occasion. 

make a statement.

Some of rock's biggest stars like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards or Steve Tyler lead the way for many years when it came to wearing bracelets. Today, nearly the entire Hollywood elite is wearing them:

Jay-Z, David Beckham, Kanye West,  Johnny Depp,  Justin Bieber, The Rock or Robert Downey Jr. Just to name a few.


Why are they so crazy about bracelets?


  • Bracelets give extra swagger: A RISTRETTO BRACELET is an excellent excuse to add a little more bling to your outfit. If you want to convey an air of success or luxury you can get a flashier piece like a gold plated RISTRETTO 10mm . If you're looking for an understated look you could consider something simpler like a RISTRETTO BASIC 8mm . It's these options that help you feel more in fashion.
  • Bracelets can be mixed and matched to an outfit: A RISTRETTO BRACELET can add another accent to your outfit and with the help of different colors and materials they can not only draw a little bit of focus but be extremely comfortable to wear. RISTRETTO BRACELETS are so light and close fitting that you won't notice them over your regular wristwatch.
  • Bracelets can convey meaning: A special RISTRETTO BRACELET from a loved one could convey a specific meaning and give you inspiration all day long. Imagine being able to look down at your RISTRETTO BRACELET and find extra meaning in your outfit and an extra boost that you need throughout your day.