1. Pick the correct wrist. While there is no right and wrong answer here, in general our bracelets are worn on the dominant hand’s wrist. Some people also wear them on the wrist opposite your watch to avoid scratching
  2. Strive for balance. This applies especially to wearing multiple bracelets. Try for example to mix different sizes of beads. Also try to mix darker and lighter colors to achieve a good balance.
  3. The bracelet does not have to match your watch. Make sure your bracelet does not overpower your watch. If you are wearing a chunky watch on the weekend, you can easily pair it with bigger (RISTRETTO 10mm) bracelets. If you wear a more delicate watch, a subtler model on the opposite wrist (RISTRETTO 8mm) is advisable.
  4. Pick the right bracelet to the occasion. There is one rule of thumb that can be applied to any beaded bracelet – the bigger the bead the more casual the bracelet. If you’re attending and art exhibition, three or four bracelets with bigger beads together with jeans and a sports jacket are perfect. For a business meeting, you want to tone it down a bit and just wear one piece with smaller stones (RISTRETTO 8mm) 

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